Friendship Day SMS Messages 2016

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Friendship Sms In English Short


All It Takes Is A Few
Amazing Friends To
Make You Feel Rich
In Life..!!

Characters : 82 | SMS Length : 1

Friendship Day Facebook Cool Status Messages

Friendship Day Facebook Cool Status Messages
Two Minutes Silence For “Facebook”

Which Literally Made The Word “Friends” Meaningless…!!

Happy Friendship Day

Characters : 402 | SMS Length : 3

Friendship Day Messages In English

Generally, People Have Many Friends
But Having A Real Friend Like You
Is More Important And Meaningful For Me
Than Having Lots.
Thanks Buddy For All The Support
You Have Been Giving Me In My Hard Times.

Happy Friendship Day!

Characters : 232 | SMS Length : 2

Friendship Day Quotes To Share On Facebook

Life Becomes A Party
When I Am With You.

Tears Turn Into Smiles
When I Am With You.

Though You Make Me Spend A Lot,
But That Is Worth Having You.
Take Care my Friend

Characters : 175 | SMS Length : 2

Happy Friendship Day Quotes 2017

Remember The Day We Met?
The First Day At College!
From Then On,
So Many Years Passed By,
But You Were There With Me,
Whenever I Needed You.
Thanks A Lot Buddy!

Characters : 166 | SMS Length : 2

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Whatsapp Wishes For School

There’s No Price Tag On A Best Friend
Friends are God’s apology for relations..

Everyday Is A Friendship Day…..if U Have A Best Friend Like Me..

Friends Are God’s Apology For Relations..
The Worst Part About Hanging Out With Friends Is Saying Good -Bye…..

Characters : 447 | SMS Length : 3

Short Happy Friendship Day Poems

Your Gentle Way Makes Me Smile,

All Your Words Are So Worthwhile.

You Always Know Just What To Say,

To Add Some Sunshine To My Day.

Are Friendship’s Great I Love It So ,

I Hope That It Will Bloom And Grow.

Happy Friendship’s Day….

Characters : 250 | SMS Length : 2

Happy Friendship Day Images With Messages

friendship images with messages

Happy Friendship Day

I Searched The Web,
To Find Out The Definition Of Friend Ship.
Finally I Found You And Stopped Searching,
You Are The Best Definition To Friendship.

Happy Friendship Day

Latest Cute Friendship Day Sms

I Just Wanna Say Dat Ur Presence,
In Ma Life Is An Awesome Feeling..
And Wanna Continue It Till Ma Last Breath.
Dis Is Not Copied Msg, Its From Heart…
though I Have Send Dis To All My Frnds Fr Whom I Feel D Same…
Happy Friendship Day..

Characters : 247 | SMS Length : 2

Latest Friendship Day Whatsapp Status Messages

True Friends Support You And Your
Decisions No Matter What They Are.

They Are Always There For You.
Never Forget Who Your True Friends Really Are

Characters : 153 | SMS Length : 1

Friendship Quotations In English

Pinch Of Spices In Ur Food Make It Tasty,

Similarly Lil Time Spent With Friends Will Cherish Ur Life N Make It Beautiful ..

Characters : 126 | SMS Length : 1

Best Friends Day Wishes 2016 Greetings & SMS

Best Friends Day Wishes 2013 Greetings & SMS
Today I May Lose Something,
Tomorrow I Can Get Anything,
But I Can Never Lose And Ever Get One Thing,
And Thats “U”..

So Be My Friend 4evr.

Characters : 439 | SMS Length : 3

Inspirational Friendship SMS Wishes

Friends Are People Who Are There When You Are Sad,
Listen To Your Problems And They Like You
For Who You Really Are Thank You To All My Amazing Friends

Characters : 155 | SMS Length : 1

Friendship Day Wishes To Best Friend

Best Friend Know When The Smile In Your Face Is A Tear Rolling In Your Heart.

I Want You to Know That I’m here for You,

Whether the Sun Shines or the Rain Falls Down..

Characters : 175 | SMS Length : 2

Nice Lines For Friendship Day

A Friend Is Like A Story,
There Are Alot Of Them In The World
But Only A Few Of Them Are True.

Characters : 98 | SMS Length : 1

Friendship Day Messages To Girlfriend

Friends Do Not Make Life Easier
But They Provide The Strength And Support
That Helps Us Get Through Tough Times.
To Make A Friend Is An Event
But To Keep One Is A Process.
Friends Forever..

Characters : 195 | SMS Length : 2

True Friendship Day Wishes for Girlfriend

I Luv Ur Sweet Smile;
I Luv Ur Little Pranks & The Most,
I Luv R Friendship That Helps Me Sail Thru Each Day.
I Greet U On This Friendship Day With A World Of Good Wishes.

Happy Friendship Week SMS Messages

I May Not Be Perfect, I May Not Be Smart,
I May Not Be Cool…
But I Know People Who Are,
Those People Are My Friends.
I Love You Guys!

4ever And Always!!

Funny Friendship Day SMS – 1st Sunday of August Wishes

??p d??spu???? yddaH

Only For Kamine Dost Ese Ulta Padhe U Will Get It….

Latest Friendship Day Messages

Friends Are Bound Together By Laughter And Tears.
We Shape Our Lives With A Circle Of Friends.
A Friend Always Knows When To Give A Hug.

Friendship SMS in 140 Words

My Best Friend And I Can Sit And Not Talk For 20 Minutes

And Still Look At Each Other And Say The Exact Same Thing At The Same Time.

I Love My Best Friend.

Happy Friendship Day 2016 SMS For Whatsapp

My Real Friends: We Call Each Other Idiots We Have Pet Names,
We Laugh At Each Other, We Hang Out,
But Most Importantly, We Love Each Other.

Colourful Friendship SMS Messages

When Life Pulls You Down,
Look Next To You And Be Thankful
That You Have The Craziest Best Friends Anybody Could Ask For!

Friendship Love SMS in English

I Know Who My Best Friends Are,
Cause Even If I Have A Huge Smile On My Face,
They Know When I Want To Cry.

Happy Friendship Day Text Messages

Says Sometimes The Best Relationships Are Those Made Out Of Friendships.

The Loyalty And Trust Is Already There.

Characters : 118 | SMS Length : 1

Happy Friendship Day Messages Photos Wallpapers

Happy Friendship Day Messages Photos Wallpapers
Friend Is A Real Brother/Sister
Or A Supporter Which Helps You In Every Situation
If There Are No Friend You Would Be Alone
And You Cannot Share Your Feelings

Characters : 454 | SMS Length : 3

Romantic Friendship Day English Messages

You Are Huggable,
You Are Loveable,
You Are Sweet,
You Are Cute,
You Are My Best Friend,
I Love You!
Happy Friendship Day!

Characters : 128 | SMS Length : 1

Friendship Day Quotes And Sayings

Relation of FRIENDSHIP is grater then the relation of BLOOD…

Happy Friendship Day..

Characters : 88 | SMS Length : 1

Cute Friendship Day Wishes For Girlfriend

FRIENDSHIP is like a tube of toothpaste…

no matter how much you squeeze it…

there will be something remaining in it always!!

Characters : 134 | SMS Length : 1

Sachi Dosti Shayari SMS In Hindi

Aj Mene Tere Liye Ek Sayri Likh Rha Hu’ Frnd Shp Day Ka Gift…
Aj Tere Liye Ek Sayri Likhi H,
Tu Hi He Mera Wo Dost Jiske Sath Ye Dosti Tiki He…
Mere Hr Dosto Ke Sath Bitaya Din Khash Tha,
But Tere Sath Bitaya Pal Khash Ke Sath Jhkas Tha…
Me Khusi Or Dukh Me Hmesa Muskurata Hu,
Kyo Ke Me Apne Hr Pal Me Tera Sath Pata Hu…,
Me Tir To Tu Kman He,
Tu Mera Dost Nh Tu To Meri Jan H,
Tere Hr Pal Me Muje Apne Pas Rkhna,
Jrurt Pde To Muje Yad Krna..
Tere Liye De Bh Dunga Apni Jan,
Bus Ye Dosti Yu Hi Kaym Rkhna…
Rhunga Sda Tere Sath Chahe Ho Sunday Ya Mandy,
I Wish U Mere Dost Happy Friendship Day….

Characters : 635 | SMS Length : 4

When We Are Grown

When we are grown, we’ll smile and say we had no cares in childhoods day,

but we’ll be wrong. ‘Twill not be true,

I’ve this much care… I care for you.”

Characters : 161 | SMS Length : 2

Friendship Day
Sometimes I Look At My Friends

D e D i C a T e D

Sometimes I look at my
And think to myself,
“Where did I meet these
crazy people?”
But then
I think
“What would I do without them?” … •_• ?

Characters : 187 | SMS Length : 2

Friends Forever SMS Messages

For Friends Forever

I Got You As A Stranger

Phir Kia ???
Bana Lia Friend

Hope Our Dosti Will Never Come To An End …

Kitne Hii Hands I Shake

Kitne Friends I Make

Best Of Them Are Few


One Of Them Is You … ?

Characters : 237 | SMS Length : 2

Friendship Day
Lose Time With Your Friends : Friendship Quotes

It Is Better To Lose Time
With Your Friends
To Lose Them Within Time …. !!!

Characters : 86 | SMS Length : 1

Happy Best Friends Day Greetings Quotes & Card

A Candle Can Keep A Room A Glow With Its Light
But A true Friend Like You
Makes All My Days bright

Happy Best Friendship Day

Happy Best Friends Day Quotes Greetings & Card

Characters : 382 | SMS Length : 3

Happy Best Friends Day Quote Wishes & Wallpaper SMS Cards

A True Friend…goves You A Push,
When You Need It…
Lift You Up,when You Need Low…
Guides You The Right Way
And Never Let You Down

That True Friend For Me Is…


Happy Best Friends Day Card Quote Wishes & Wallpaper SMS

Characters : 459 | SMS Length : 3

Awkward Moment When Every Body Is Interested In Ur Love Story

That Awkward Moment When Every Body Is Interested In Ur Love Story The Embarrassing Moment When Everyone Wants To Listen Ur Personal Conversation With D Special One 😉
The Most Painful Moment When Someone Is Waiting For The Surprise Then Close His Eyes N Finally Got Slapped =D
The Irritating Moment When Somebody Made Couple Of Urs With D Most Cheap Person Whom U Don’t Like =/
Life Depends On ‘Somebody’ , ‘Someone’ , ‘Everybody’ , ‘Everyone’
N They All Are Called “FRIENDS” <3
They Make The Life Complicated , Joy full N Special <3
LOVE Yew Frndz ! ^_-

Characters : 581 | SMS Length : 4

I Know That They R Fine

I Know That They R Fine But I Txt & Ask
‘Kia Haal Hai?’:-)
I Know That They Can’t Forget Me But I Say
‘Yar! Bhool Gyay Ho Mujhay’:-(
I Know That They Can’t Finish All Stuff Without Me But I Say
‘Beta Akaelay Akaelay’ 😛
I Know That They’ll Share Everything With Me But I Say
‘Aray Mujhay Bhe Batao Na Yar’:-(
I Know That They R With Me In Every Problem But I Say
‘Any Time Pay Dafa Na Ho Jana’:-P
I Know Its Impossible To Live Without Them,But I Say
‘Ayaenda Baat Mat Karna’:-(
Dedicated To All Wonderful Freinds Like U Who Make My Life Beautiful:)

Characters : 577 | SMS Length : 4

Having A Good Friend

Having A Good
Is Easy,
Being 0 N E Is
Hard. . . !!!

Characters : 71 | SMS Length : 1

Friendship Day
Friendship Means Understanding

F r i e n d s h i p
Means Understanding,
Not Agreement.
It Means Forgiveness,
Not Forgetting.
It Means The Memories Last,
Even If Contact Is Lost. . . ^_^

Characters : 166 | SMS Length : 2

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