Jumma Mubarak Wishes, Status, Duas

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Wishing Every One Jummah Mubarak

Juma Mubarak IN This Beautiful Day
May God Take Care Of All Your Needs,

TOUCH Your Life With Joy & Contentment,

BLESS Your Heart With Love And Faith,
COMFORT Your Soul With Inner Peace,

GRANT You Good Health For Now And Always.

GOD Is Good All The Time Jumma Mubarak

Characters : 271 | SMS Length : 2

Jummah Hadith In Urdu


Aey Iman Walo..!
Jab Jumma Kay Din Namaz Ke Liye Azaan Di Jaey
To Tum Allah K Zikar Ki Taraf Dor Kar Aao

(Al Jumma, Ayat#9)

Characters : 145 | SMS Length : 1

New Jumma Mubarak SMS

“A Person May
Break Your Heart
And Damage Your Pride,
But Never Ever Give Them
The Power to Break Your Emaan”.

Jumma Mubarak

Characters : 135 | SMS Length : 1

Jumma Mubarak Hadith In English

Friday Reminder:

1. Purify Yourself ( Body). [Bukhari,
Muslim; 857, Tirmidhi]

2. Go For Friday Prayer. [Al-Qur’an,
Al-Jumu’ah; 62:9]

… 3. Send Lots Of Supplications
Upon Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).
[Abu Dawood, 1047]

4. Read Surah Al-Kahf. [Saheeh Al-
Targheeb, 836]

5. Make A Lot Of Dua’ Because There
Is A Time Every Friday When Allah
Will Grant It Insha Allah. [Al-
Bukhaari, 893; Muslim, 852]

Jumma Mubarak

Characters : 445 | SMS Length : 3

Wishing Every One Jummah Mubarak

ALLAH Sees Your Struggle.
Keep Talking To Him And
Listen For His Direction.

Jumma Mubarak Friends,
Do Remember Me In Your Prayers

Characters : 142 | SMS Length : 1

Jumma Mubarak Dua

Ask ALLAH For Mercy And Forgiveness ,
Please Forgive Me &
Remember Me In Your Prayers …!!
Stay Blessed All .. !!
Jumma Mubarak

Characters : 132 | SMS Length : 1

Happy Rabi-Ul-Awal & Jumma Mubarak

Today Is Ist Day The Month Of Light &

Start With Friday The Day Of Blessing …

Happy Rul-Ul-Noor & Jumma Mubrik

Characters : 123 | SMS Length : 1

Jumma Mubarak Messages Facebook

Jumma Mubarak To All My Muslim Brothers & Sisters All Over The World

May Allah Bless You
All In Good Health

Have A Great Weekend Every One

Jumma Mubarak Thoughts

Help Those Who Are In Need
So That On The Day Of Judgement
You Will Be Helped When You Will Be In Need.

Jumma Mubarak

Characters : 122 | SMS Length : 1

Sunnah of Jummah SMS Messages

* Juma Mubarak *

Sunnah of Jummah:
– Use Perfume
– Have a Bath
– Use Surma
– Clip Nails
– Use Miswak
– Recite Surah Kahf (if possible)
– Wear Nice Clothes

Characters : 164 | SMS Length : 2

Have a Beautiful Friday Sms

No Doubt, No Shaking & I Use To Said It With Confidence…..!
He Who Worship God, Allah Is Ever Living Never Dies…..!!
Remember There Is No God But Allah……!!!

#Jumma’ Mubarak.

Characters : 190 | SMS Length : 2

Jumma Mubarak Sms Messages 2014

Shine Bright,
Shine Far,
Be Like,
Anywhere You At,
Just Be A Star…
Sounds Of Love From Me To You All Entire Muslim Ummah.


Characters : 153 | SMS Length : 1

3rd Jumma Mubarak of Ramadan Kareem

3rd Jumma Mubarak of Ramadan Kareem

Ibn ‘Umar reports that the Prophet said:

“Whoever recites Surah al-Kahfon Jumu’ah will be blessed with a light
that will rise from underneath his feetto the peak of the sky.
This will be a light for him on the Day ofResurrection,
and he will be forgiven for what is between the Jumu’ah [and thenext] Jumu’ah.
” This is related by Ibn Mardwwiyah with a faultless chain

volume 2,Page 127 : Recitation of SurahAl-Kahf

Characters : 706 | SMS Length : 5

Jummat-ul wida Mubarak Ramadan Wishes Pray SMS

juma tul wida ramadan mubarak wishes

Jummat-ul wida Mubarak
On one Friday Rasulullah (Allah Bless Him & Give Him Peace) said:
O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day a day of Eid.
So have a bath on this day, whoever has perfume should apply it,
and use the Miswaak.
(Ibn Majah)

Characters : 885 | SMS Length : 6

First Jumma Mubarak Ramadan SMS, Wallpaper

First Jumma Mubarak of Ramzan Wallpaper SMS

Bismillah’ir Rahman’ir Raheem

‘Aey Mabood!
Aaj K Din Mjhy Apni Razao’n K Qareeb Kr De Aaj K Din Mjhy Apni Narazgi

Aur Apni Sazao’n Se Bachaye Rakh Aur Aaj K Din Mjhy Apni Aayat Prhny Ki Toufeeq De,

Apni Rehmat Se Aey Sb Sy Ziada Rehm Krny Waly.’

Jumma Mubarak

Characters : 515 | SMS Length : 4

Hadith About Jumma In Urdu

Nabi Kareem S.A.W.W Ne Irshad Farmaya :

Logo Ko Chahiye Ke Namaz Jumma Har Giz Tarak Na Karein Warna

Allah Un Ke Ke Is Gunah Ki Saza Mein Dilon Per Mohar Laga Dey Ga

(Hidayat Se Mehroom Ho Kar) Phir Woh Ghafilon Mein Se Ho Jaye Ga


hadith about juma in urdu

Characters : 440 | SMS Length : 3

Facebook Jummah Mubarak Quotes – Status Images

Sallal Lahu Alaihi
Wa Sallam Ne
Jummay K Din
Jo Mujh Par 100
Baar Durood
Allah Us Ki 100
Haajaten Puri
70 Aakhirat Or
30 Duniya Ki

Characters : 486 | SMS Length : 4

Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers 2012 – Card WIshes

May Allah Bless our Parents And Give Health to everyone
May Allah Unite All The Human Beings
May Allah Give Us The Ability Remove Enmity Towards Each Other
May Allah Make This World a Better Place For Us And Our Children
May Allah Keep Us In The Straight Path
May Allah Give Us The Opportunity to die as a Muslim
And May Allah Give Us Best in The Here After AMEEN
Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers 2012

Characters : 791 | SMS Length : 5

Jumma Mubarak Wishes Images And Photos

May ALLAh (SWT) bless you and you
family by plentitude of


Jumma mubarak

jumma mubarak images and photos

Characters : 450 | SMS Length : 3

Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers SMS & Hadith

Will Make A Way
When Thhere Seems To Be No Way

Jumma Mubarak Urdu Card, Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers, Jummah Mubarak Hadith, jummah Mubarak sms English

Characters : 470 | SMS Length : 3

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Jumma Mubarak Hadees In English And Arabic

Do not be impatient for the result of your prayers,,


”If You Trust GOD,,


Trust His Timings Too…!!!

Jumma Mubarak English Card, Jumma Mubarak Wallpapers, Jummah Mubarak Hadith, jummah Mubarak sms English

Characters : 505 | SMS Length : 4

Jumma Mubarak Sayings

Akele ho ?
Kalma Tayab parho
Pareshaan ho ?
Durood Sharif parho
Odaas ho ?
Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyoom parho
Tention mein ho ?
Ya Raheem Parho
Free ho ?
Forward karo
” Jumma Mubarak “

jumma mubarak advice sms, jumma mubarak cool quotes, jumma mubarak cute sayings, jumma mubarak latest sms text, jumma mubarak message, jumma mubarak outstanding sms, jumma mubarak urdu sms

Characters : 591 | SMS Length : 4

Jumma Mubarak
Jumma Mubarak Prayer SMS Wallpaper In English

Hazrate Sayyiduna Samurah bin Zundab
(R.A) se marwi hai ki HUZOOR (P.B.U.H) ne farmaya: Hazir raho Khutbe ke waqt aur Imam se
Karib raho isliye ki aadmi jis qadar door
rahega, jannat me piche rahega –
agarche woh (piche rehne wala) jannat
me dakhil zaroor hoga.

[Sunan Abi Dawood, Jild 1, Page No. 410,
Hadith No. 1108]

Jumma Mubarak Prayer Wallpaper SMS In English

Characters : 586 | SMS Length : 4

Juma Mubarak Wallpaper Written Message In Urdu

Numan bin Basheer (R.A.) narrates from Rasool-Allah (S.A.W): “Duaa is ibadat.”
-Tirmizi, Abu Dawod, and Ibn-e-Majah

Jumma Mubarak Friends!

Jumma Mubarak Image in Urdu, Jumma Mubarak Saying Urdu, Jumma Mubarak SMS, Jumma Mubarak SMS in Urdu, Jumma Mubarak Urdu Card, Jumma Mubarak Urdu Message, Jumma Mubarak Urdu Quote, Jumma Mubarak Wallpaper in Urdu

Characters : 684 | SMS Length : 5

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