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Juma Tul Wida Mubarak 2016, Wishes,Greetings SMS Pictures

Submitted By HumAyuN From Multan (+923216307893 Whatsapp) #JummaTulWida Mubarak.May Allah accept all our prayers & keep us safe from hell fire. Don’t 4get 2 pray 4 peace in Pakistan. #JummaMubarak Ramzan will come next year for sure. Its our life which is unpredictable. Reality is that Ramzaan isn’t mehmaan but Insaan is. #JummaTulWida Lots of prayers for safety of Muslim World specially for our Turkish,Syrian,Palestinian and Pakistani brothers, sisters & Kids #JummaTulWida May Allah Ta’ala accept our good deeds, our ibadats, our fasting, forgives our sins and saves us from jahannum! Ameen. #JummaTulWida juma tul wida ramadan prayers And it’s...